hotel management system Plazaro


General Terms and Conditions of the Property Management System Plazaro (thereinafter "Terms")

1. Provider

The provider is Apps Dev Team s.r.o., ID 24701009, with residency Křížkovského 33a, 603 00 Brno, Czech Republic, tel.: 776 474 086, e-mail: (thereinafter "Provider")

The Provider retains the right to change the Terms without prior notification of the user. The valid version of the Terms can be found on the webiste of the Provider The Provider appeals to all the users to carefully read these Terms. Registration to the Service means accepting the Terms and, at the same time, creates a binding agreement between the user and the Provider (thereinafter "Agreement"). If the user does not agree with the Terms, the Provider appeals to the user to terminate the use of the property management system Plazaro (thereinafter "Service"). Accepting the Agreement from the Provider side relies explicitly on accepting the Terms from the user, which represents a registration to the Service. Therefore, if the user creates an account by registering the Service, they express a famliarity of the Terms and they confirm an acceptance of the Terms, and they agree to terminate the use of the Service or to contact the Provider to arrange an exception in case they will not agree with possibly updated Terms.

2. Plazaro

"Plazaro" or "" is an Internet application created by the Provider (thereinafter "Service"). The user connects to the application through their own device (computer, tablet, mobile phone...) using the credentials (e-mail address or username, and password). By doing so, they are enabled to utilise the functions of the application.

3. User

The user is either a natural person or a legal person who is in a business relationship or a similar relationship to the Provider in the position of the buyer or the debtor, or such a natural or legal person who makes the steps leading to such or a similar business relationship. By acceptance of these Terms the user commits to use their user account and the provided services only in accordance with applicable legislation of the State and these Terms. In the event of a breach of the foregoing, the user agrees to assume full responsibility for all the damages arising in connection with this violation.

4. Provided Services

The Plazaro website provides a registration form to create a subscription for the Service according to the Terms and manipulating data created by the system.

5. User Account

The services are supplied by Provider based on the user registration during which the user is obliged to provide real, accurate, recent and complete information about themselves or the subject in order to enable all the functions of Plazaro. By the registration, the user is allowed to use the system. The user is compelled to protect their password and user account from violation by a third party subject. By registering and therefore accepting these Terms, the user agrees to take responsibility for all the actions that happen due to the use of their account.

6. Rights and Obligations

Services provided by the supplier can be used only in accordance with applicable legislation and these Terms. In case of any user activity breaching the applicable legislation or these Terms, the Provider, according to his own consideration, reserves the right to refuse the service, terminate or disable user accounts.

The user is obliged not to restrict the Plazaro operation and services by any means, especially to attempt circumvention, violation or breaching the security features and to anyhow influence the services and content the Plazaro offers by any other means than those that the Provider makes available within the standard services.

User (accommodation facility) is obliged to enter only truthful and recent information and data. Untrue, unused and invalid information must be removed as soon as possible. This concerns mainly the Settings section. In case of failing to adhere to this point, Providers does not guarantee full functionality of the system and reserves the right to obtain a fine up to ten times the amount of a regular monthly spending of the User for running Plazaro in the last 3 months starting from identification of this case, or terminate the contract.

User is obliged to handle obtained personal data (in particular personal data of guests, credit card information etc.) in a way that danger of loss or theft of such data is mitigated. To ensure this, all available measures should be deployed., such as securing the physical location, staff training etc.

7. International Users

The user using the services from any place other than the Czech Republic is fully responsible for respecting and observing of all the international laws and applicable local legislation. By accepting these Terms the user therefore commits not to use the provided services in ways which would be in conflict with legislation (i.e. applicable laws, international treaties, regulations, restrictions), these Terms and licensing agreements. In the event of a breach of the foregoing, the user agrees to assume full responsibility for all the damages arising in connection with this violation.

8. License Agreement

All the content and the services of the Plazaro system, such as but not limited to text, graphics, logos, icons, images and the software, is the property of the Provider. The user agrees to refrain from violating the copyrights of the Provider. The user understands that by registering they are given no license, either exclusive or non-exclusive, to the ownership of the Service which is the original work of the Provider.

9. Modification of the Services

The provider retains the right to modify or temporarily or permanently shut down the services or parts of the services, either with or without prior notification. By accepting the Terms, the user agrees that Provider is not to be held responsible to the user or any third party for these modifications, disruptions and discontinuations of the services or parts of the services and for all deeds, damages and losses induced by these factors.

10. Responsibility of the Provider

The Provider is not responsible for any direct, indirect, external or consecutive damages.

11. Warranty

The Provider does not provide any guarantees with regard to the Service and all of its content, including fulfilling the user requests, disruption of the Service, cost, opportuneness and availability of the services, or the expectancies of the user, if not stated otherwise.

The user bears their own responsibility in respect to the reliable connection to the Internet and the Provider is not responsible for availability of this connection and unability of the user to read the content of the Service.

The Provider does not guarantee the availability of the Service, mainly by reasons disruptions caused by hardware or sofwtware failures of the third parties and which is not property of the Provider.

12. Violation of the Terms

The user has to protect their account including their credentials and access to the Service. By accepting the Terms, the user agrees to be the only responsible for any losses, charges, damages and expenses, including the court costs, induced by using the Service, caused by the violation of the Terms in regard to the user account, for both the user and the third party.

13. Right of the Provider to Check Conforming to the Terms

The Provider retains right, not necessarily obligation to check if the Service is provided and used in accordance to the Terms and applicable international legislation and national legislation of the state where the Service is used. If any content within the Service violating the Terms or international and national applicable legislation is found, the Provider is entitled to remove this content, which is considered inappropriate by the Provider.

14. Agreement Termination Between the User and the Provider

If the Provider reasons that the user violates the Terms or applicable legislation, the Provider is allowed to immediately revoke the password, deactivate or delete the account and is allowed to prevent the user from further using the Service. In extraordinary cases, the damages can be claimed at the court or by extrajudical ways.

15. Agreement Initiation Between the User and the Provider

The Terms and other rules, guides, licenses and links mentioned in relation to the Service represent an agreement between the user and the Provider for providing the services.

16. Changes of the Terms

In case of any changes made to the Terms (eg. due to product or service updates), the user will be notified through the Service.

17. Confidentiality

The Provider is entitled to process the personal data of the users in the extent necessary to use the Service, especially the data necessary to put the agreement between the Provider and the user into effect. By completing the registration process, the user gives consent to process the following personal data: name of the subject, first name, last name, ID, address, e-mail, phone number, for duration of the registration or possible later requirement to get in touch. Personal data provided by the user are processed in order to run the user account. The Provider is entitled to transfer the process duty of the personal data to a third party. By accepting these Terms, the user agrees to let their personal data be processed for further business and marketing purposes of the Provider.

The Provider is a manager of the personal data. The protection of personal data conforms to the applicable legislation of the respective country.

The user needs to change their personal and business data in account settings and ensure to keep the data in the account up to date and correct. The user is also compelled to input the data about themselves or the subject in a valid, true and complete form.

The user acknowledges that in the event of breaching the law or the rights and legitimate interests of the Provider or third-parties, the Provider is entitled to disclose the personal information including the user's IP address, especially to pass it to the Police or other government authorities and to do that even internationally.

The Provider is not responsible for misuse of personal data of the user as a result of the law being infringed by third party.

The Provider shall ensure the security of personal data entered, to prevent their unauthorized collection or other abuse according to his best knowledge and capabilities.

The User agrees that the Provider will keep data necessary for modular connection to the third party providers and these data will be used to ensure demanded functionality.

The Provider commits to act in accordance with the Act no. 101/2000 Sb., on the protection of personal data and amending certain laws and other related legislation.

Provider is allowed to show publicly available or provided information about the User in regards to marketing of the system.

18. Login Security

The login is performed through a secure HTTPS protocol which is signed by the authority. The login process is protected against so-called dictionary and brute-force attacks.

19. Password Encryption

All passwords are stored in a database in an encrypted form. It's possilble to use 2-FA (two-step authentization).

20. Backup

All data are backed up to an external media every hour and these are transmitted through an ecrypted protocol.

21. Payment Conditions

Charges and subscription prices are determined by Provider. Changes will be announced in advance through the Plazaro system. By accepting these terms, the user agrees that any payments made to the Service are designed specifically to pay the costs of the Service and are non-refundable.

It is necessary to make the payments for the Service according to the Provider in relation with the amount of used functions and occupancy of the property.

By purchasing, ie. paying the fee, in CZK or other currency supported by the payment system, the user agrees to paying the specific price for the Service. The payment method is chosen at the end of the purchase process or according to the instructions of the Provider.

22. Payment Methods

Plazaro incorporates the gateway payment systems which provide the following payment methods:


  • credit card payment (Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Maestro)
  • online payment buttons (ePlatby, MojePlatba, mPeníze, GE Money Bank, Volksbank, Fio banka)
  • standard bank transfer
  • GoPay e-wallet
  • other methods can be found on


  • More information about this payment gateway particularly for accepting payments from different currencies can be found at

23. Complaints

The Provider commits to cricitally and individually assess possible complaints in regard to the situation and the nature of the claim. Accepting the claim may lead to recurrence of the funds back to the client.


24. Back out of the contract

User can withdraw from this contract without reason by stopping using the Plazaro system and asking for the removal of the account via email address

25. Account cancellation

The account will be canceled in case of inactivity. If at least one of the users does not log in to the account for more than 12 months, an e-mail notification will be sent to the e-mail address of the accommodation facility. If at least one of the users does not log in to the account for more than next 60 days, the account will be automatically deleted.


Last update to the terms: November 24th 2023