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Akcelerace hotelového businessu

For hoteliers, we have prepared an Accelerating Hotel Business e-book, which contains current tips and advices on how to accelerate business in accommodation, particularly with regard to the technological issues of today's world.

Hotelier will read about the hotel website, reservation and reception system, online reservations, OTAs, channel manager, meta search portals, the importance of direct reservations, bonus services, e-mail marketing, accommodation ratings, CR, revenue management, WiFi in the hotel, automatic lock systems, mobile applications and GDPR. It also includes a glossary, a glossary of terms with explanation.

The book is created especially for those who take their business seriously and are therefore willing to buy it. Making this book cost money, we will be able to devote it to further development and improvement. At the same time, we do not want it to be distributed over the Internet free of charge.

If these interesting and valuable information, tips and advices are put into practice, the hotel can expect to reduce operating costs, streamline the operation of the accommodation facility and especially satisfied guests. And the guests are most important.

In the book you will not find long-term and colorful sentences. The goal is to pass on interesting information in the simplest, smoothest and readable form.

The price is set at approximately CZK 550 depending on the distribution channel.

Akcelerace hotelového businessu

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Akcelerace hotelového businessu


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